Molibso measuring systems

molibso at the Sanitätshaus H&R in Kaarst

Spacious, bright and modern – this is how the Sanitätshaus H&R in Kaarst presents itself. Customers who entering the exhibition space are led directly to the heart of the exhibition space.

Founded in 1994, the company has been at its new headquarters at Hüngert 17 since July 2022, and since then, H&R has also been offering the molibso-measuring system. The “molibso dyneos smart software” was developed and continuously developed by the brothers Jens and Lars Hollenbacher from Langenfeld with their own company.

More than 100,000 data records have been incorporated into the perfect motion analysis. Also at H&R in Kaarst, wants to set itself apart from the industry with this modern, digital offering.“Our philosophy is to offer each customer an individually tailored insole and not totake something prefabricated out of the drawer,” emphasizes Fabian vom Dorff, together with
Bastian Dittner, Managing Partner of H&R. “That’s why we chose the molibso-dyneos movement analysis and were quickly convinced by it,” says vom Dorff. In In discussions with the molibso owners, the Hollenbacher brothers, it was also possible to further develop the offer for H&R individually.

In Kaarst, for example, the 60-centimetre-wide pressure measurement plates were not installed as a 4.20-metre-long row,but side by side as an “outward and return path” on which the customer can walk barefoot and have their feet and walking patterns digitally measured. “Thanks to the wider surface We have room to develop further ideas together with molibso, for example in the
Lightweight wheelchair measurements to determine the correct sitting position for people with disabilities.”

These are still future topics that we will continue to work on together. But very concrete, however are the six to ten movement analyses carried out daily at H&R. The offer has been very well received by customers. And the employees at H&R are also enthusiastic about the new system. It is self-explanatory, after a short briefing everyone in the team was able to use it – the actual work is done by artificial intelligence (AI) in the background. „The Software delivers the data in a matter of seconds and uses artificial intelligence andalgorithms to support the user in evaluating the results,” explains explains molibso business economist Lars Hollenbacher.

H&R team leader Ron Czarnecki explains the process: “With a prescription for orthopaediciinsoles every customer can come to us, the costs are covered twice a year by the Health insurance. After a static pedography with bare fee ,the running analysis is carried out on the pressure measuring plates. It takes a maximum of 30 seconds.”

The large screen allows customers and employees to immediately see the pressure conditions of the foot. “The system then calculates the individually configured insoles,” explains Fabian vom Dorff. The data from the scan, stance analysis and gait analysis are then used to determine the customized inlay. If the customer then comes back after some time for a new measurement, the system also offers a comparative analysis using the stored data. H&R is not only satisfied with the positive customer feedback. “It’s also exciting to be involved in how the system continues to develop,” emphasizes vom Dorff.

molibso HR230210FotoHoch

For this purpose, the company is in constant contact with molibso. Sustainability also plays a major role at H&R. “With our new building here, we have fulfilled the requirements of the sustainable business park,” says the Managing Director. And also the digital offering fits in with this. “It makes a big difference whether you use the data from the customer analysis digitally, or whether every customer has to leave their imprint in a cardboard box with tread foam, as in the past,” emphasizes Ron Czarnecki.

In addition to motion analysis with the “molibso dyneos smart software”, H&R also offers many innovations. This is how the medical supply store with its 35 employees presents itself, which, in addition to measuring insoles, also offers everything to do with rehabilitation, care and bathroom equipment,innovative products such as the “Segway wheelchair”, a self-balancing
electric wheelchair. In an adjoining room, the Bodytronic system is a device for contactless and digital measurement, for example for bandages or compression stockings made to measure.And a test course has been created on the outdoor area where customers can test wheelchairs or Rollators on ramps, steps or on various surfaces from gravel
to cobblestones.

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