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Molibso – A symbol of German engineering and precision. Designed and produced in Germany, the molibso dyneos RUN system combines the finest sensor technology with an aesthetic look and intuitive software that has earned the “Made in Germany” seal of quality. With over 80,000 measurements worldwide every year and an impressive 100,000 test meters run on the systems, we underline our leading position in the industry. In collaboration with renowned manufacturers and academic institutions, we have set ourselves the goal of taking the analysis of movement to a new level.

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Choosing the right footwear has far-reaching effects on our health. Unsuitable shoes can lead to back pain, joint problems and even problems such as hip pain or headaches.

Our collaboration with nordiska has led to the development of an innovative device that provides quick and accurate recommendations for the right footwear or insoles needed. At the heart of this system is a pressure measuring plate that enables detailed running and stance analyses. It records the exact pressure distribution of the foot and visualizes how the foot behaves during the entire movement phase. This allows foot problems such as splay or flat feet to be identified and appropriate recommendations for footwear or individual insoles to be made.

The process is very simple: you walk over the pressure measurement plate, then receive advice based on your results and even receive them by e-mail. All this is done with the utmost precision and clarity, so that every employee is optimally cared for.

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For people in the operating theater, who are often on their feet for hours on end, we can offer a stance analysis; for people on the ward, who often cover several kilometers a day, we can offer a running analysis. So everyone can find the right shoe model in their area.