State-of-the-art technology meets intuitive software:

Discover how molibso dyneos

revolutionizes motion analysis.

molibso hardware

molibso dyneos RUN

Users have been relying on dyneos RUN from molibso for over six years. With more than 65 systems worldwide and more than 80,000 analyses per year, molibso dyneos RUN is the leading analysis tool. Our flexibility, ease of use and customized solutions make the difference. Together with you, we would like to pursue our mission: To move people better. KontaktiereContact us and experience molibso dyneos RUN.

Why dyneos? The decisive difference in motion analysis.

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Pressure measuring plate & operating terminal

Complete package for precision analysis: from pressure plates and cameras to elegant operator terminals – everything from a single source.

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The centerpiece - the software

Revolutionary software: Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), we offer you possibilities that go far beyond conventional analyses. Discover the potential!

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Maintenance & service

Always up to date with amor+: receive regular updates and new functions at the touch of a button. Our after-sales service always guarantees you and your customers the latest innovations.

dyneos in detail

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Design & Function

Operating terminal

Elegance meets precision: our operating terminal combines elegant design and stability in the form of an aluminum column with high functionality by safely concealing the electronics. Clear lines and curved shapes make the dyneos system an eye-catcher in any store.

Precision & durability

Pressure measuring plate

The heart of our system: experience a walking analysis with a pressure measuring plate that uses capacitive sensors to precisely record the customer’s pressure pattern – barefoot or with a shoe. molibso offers a wide range of product variants for precise analyses.

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Perfectly in the picture

the HD camera

See movements in high resolution and real time, synchronized with pressure distribution. Our camera makes analyses even easier to understand.

Perfectly in the picture

the HD camera

The finest details of movement are recorded in high resolution in sync with the pressure distribution and output in real time, making running and gait analysis even easier.

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This is how a dyneos

becomes your dyneos

A system that adapts to your business: Color, material, design – all individually based on your corporate identity. Whether acrylic glass, metal or wood, dyneos blends seamlessly into your business environment.

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User-friendly & reliable: The dyneos SMART software

Our SMART software differentiates precisely between standing, walking and running. It is user-friendly, but without compromising on accuracy.

dyneos SMART provides immediate insight into the biomechanical requirements of each customer. Thanks to our AI-supported 3F principle, we precisely map the foot in over 4,600 combinations, determine the optimal shoe characteristics and identify the right insole. And this is completely brand-independent. With dyneos SMART, you are always one step ahead.

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More than just maintenance: with amor+ you receive regular updates, new functions and access to our online training platform. We support your team in always being up to date.


The best service and optimum maintenance are just as much a part of technical devices as further development and new functions. Our amor+ package includes exactly this and much more. You also receive access to our online training platform. Here you can refresh your knowledge or train new employees.

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