molibso & FLEXMED together on “Die Höhle der Löwen” (VOX)

Dynamic measurement technology from molibso convinces investors

The story behind the deal for FLEXMED


Höhle der Löwen Founder of Flexmed

Werner and Peter Mucha, the founders of FLEXMED, in front of their products and a molibso evaluation screen during the recording of Höhle der Löwen on VOX ©TVNOW / Bernd-Michael Maurer

In partnership with our customer sole start-up FLEXMED, molibso was a guest on the VOX start-up show “Die Höhle der Löwen” (more information about the show here). It was important to FLEXMED to use molibso dyneos technology to visualize the new properties of their soles. The “improved wearing comfort” is caused, among other things, by the fact that the forefoot no longer lies in the shoe “like in a gutter” (according to Werner Mucha, founder of FLEXMED and foot expert). Since an improved wearing comfort and convincing words were not relevant enough for sales in the presentation to the lions, molibso was added as support.






The high heel test with the lions

The FLEXMED Lady sole can improve the wearing properties of high heels, for example. This allows you to walk more comfortably and for longer because the pressure is distributed over a larger contact surface, making your gait more stable overall. To visualize the effect of the FLEXMED sole, we made the comparison. We “tested” a lioness with her high heels.

Höhle der Löwen High Heel



Without a sole, the pressure load in the high heels is inevitably very high in places. The load is particularly high on the inside of the forefoot, while the outside is hardly stressed at all. This causes the foot to become unstable in gait, which can be recognized by the twisted gait line.



With the sole, the pressure is better distributed over the forefoot and the insides are less stressed, even the previously almost pressure-free outer edges of the toe are now stressed. This makes the entire gait more harmonious, as can be seen from the smoother gait line. The foot is hardly unstable any more, so you can stay active for longer even on high heels.


That was the result on “Die Höhle der Löwen”

With the help of the precise and dynamic measurement technology of molibso dyneos measurement technology, the advantages for the lions became visible. They were enthusiastic and two of them presented FLEXMED with a deal. The two FLEXMED founders Werner and Peter Mucha finally decided to work with Ralf Dümmel and received €140,000 for a third of the shares in FLEXMED.

Part of the cooperation with FLEXMED is also the media marketing of the products, in which molibso convincingly demonstrates the advantages of the insole using dyneos measurement technology.

Die Höhle der Löwen: You can also find the episode in the VOX TV-NOW media library (episode from 07.04.2020)

QVC: First live broadcast date as part of the DHDL show (07.04.2020, 11 pm)

QVC logo


Our “Die Höhle der Löwen” project profile:

  • Study to prove the effectiveness of the soles with 120 participants
  • Development of the added value argumentation for sole sales
  • Further development of the molibso dyneos RUN software for the FLEXMED presentation
  • Support for the pitch in the Höhle der Löwen
  • Joint live performance at QVC

molibso drives sales

To further underline the effect of the FLEXMED soles, FLEXMED and molibso were also featured in the special “Höhle der Löwen” show on QVC. molibso founder Dr. Jens Hollenbacher carried out a dynamic gait analysis during the show. The presenter Kerstin Braukmann was able to walk over the molibso dyneos while the viewers followed the pressure distribution live on the screen. The results were astounding: despite the late hour, several thousand insoles were sold out within a few minutes.

The advantage of the dynamic dyneos measurement technology lies in the comprehensible evaluation of the results. Viewers were able to see the effect of the insoles on the screens and draw their own conclusions. This works the same way in retail, only there you are not talking about any feet, but those of your customers.

molibso delights customers

You don’t realize how you are actually walking. After a long day at work or other events where you are on your feet for long periods, aching feet are often the result. With molibso dyneos you can visualize where stresses occur and how you can avoid them. The dynamic measurement technology allows you to scientifically underline your sales advice without overwhelming your customers with complicated measured values.

A measurement with molibso dyneos is also a great opportunity to add further services to your portfolio. We have prepared this for you using the molibso shoe analysis as an example. We conduct these at our company headquarters for interested end customers from the surrounding area.


Höhle der Löwen Analyse

About molibso – what we work with

With our dynamic gait analysis, we can also look under the foot. In contrast to classic treadmill analysis, we combine video recording and pressure measurement. Nothing remains hidden!






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