molibso X Sportsmans Warehouse

Unser Großprojekt in Südafrika

molibso meets Sportsmans Warehouse

Flexibility and creativity were essential for the project in South Africa! In less than three months, molibso, together with Sportsmans Warehouse, implemented the individual retail solution RUN-id for the South African chain of more than 40 stores.

The focus was on actively involving the customer in the consulting process, linking the online and offline activities and the scalable connection to the IT of Sportsmans Warehouse. An individual qualification concept for the employees ensures that the introduction process in all stores is of a high quality. Our distribution partner LifeMax performs the implementation on site.


In a short time RUN-id has become a crowd-puller in the store. And of course the experience for the customer does not stop with the measurement. Even after the shoe purchase, the customer remains connected to the store via the „Rewards“ loyalty program and can use his data for various things – including buying in other Sportsmans Warehouse stores with RUN-id installation

Testimonials about RUN-id

The enthusiasm of the customers says it all about the successful introduction of RUN-id in South Africa. The staff is also satisfied and the high frequency of use speaks for itself.


For RUN-id we have fully responded to the wishes of our customers regarding software and hardware. Thus every molibso dyneos system becomes an individual trademark. That’s why we developed RUN-id with Sportsmans Warehouse – cool in design and clear in form and message.


The customer wanted a smooth integration into his existing ERP / CRM and we were able to realize this interface in a short time. Thus, the interface is scalable and enables the easy integration of further RUN-id systems. molibso provides from the very beginning Sportsmans Warehouse vital live data, e.g. about the frequency of use in shops or measurements of feet and shoes.


Sportsmans Warehouse is comprehensively supported online and offline by molibso and its partner LifeMax. In addition to the continuous further development of the concept within the molibso amor offer, we also take over the hosting of the molibso – Sportsmans Warehouse interface and the reporting system for all RUN-id activities. Of course, the systems also work offline and, like all molibso dyneos systems, have above-average availability.